Made from our own chili peppers

Market Items

Freshly ground from chilies organically grown in Strawberry, AZ (elevation 6000 ft) our powders start from seeds are started indoors in early spring and planted in the garden about the end of May.

They are harvested, cleaned and processed, then dehydrated in a 45 year old dehydrator. After drying, the chilies are stored in glass jars until ready to grind for customers.

We have selected varieties that are specific to this altitude, with seeds coming from Native Seed Search and other commercial growers. Some are native of Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Spicy varieties are our favorite, but we will also include standard sweet peppers for your palette. Powders can be used to season your favorite dishes, or to give them a special “kick!”

Always available will be Poblano, Anaheim, and Jalapeno. The Jalapeno is ground with seeds, so will be hot! Other varieties include Serrano (dried when ripe, so powder will be red in color), Arbol, Casados, Sandia, and a very limited supply of Heirloom Hungarian Carrot Chile.

Containers will be labeled with name and level of heat (in red). Be sure to check with us weekly as new surprises will be grown this year.

In 2016 our lavender was wonderful and we were able to offer large bunches for sale. We may not be so lucky this year, so stay tuned!
— Mitzi Paul, Strawberry, AZ