You will fine Pine Farmers Market set up in front of The Herb Stop every Saturday from 9am to 12pm starting June 17, 2017. We are located at 4004 N. Hwy 87, Pine, AZ 85544

Look for our classic Chevy Truck and sign that will be parked across the street.

For 2017 we open June 17th and continue until the freeze sometime in the middle to late October.

The vegetables and herbs are picked on Friday (the day before market) and refrigerated until Saturday morning.

Special accommodations can be made for those of you who couldn’t make the Saturday morning sale. If you email us ( a list of the items you would like, the vegetables and herbs will be ready for pickup Monday afternoon 3-6pm. Please, this is only if you can’t make Saturday morning, we’d rather be working in the garden!


Our Market prices are based on Safeway produce prices (organic and non-organic), rounded down or up to an even dollar for the ease and speed of adding and paying.

Generally the prices are somewhere between Safeway’s organic and non-organic vegetables so more people can afford.

Remember, this Market doesn’t profit but the money collected is required to keep it going.


Vine Ripened Organic Tomatoes are $2 / lb.

All the produce is half-priced for Food Bank recipients. They only have to pay the 50% that goes towards the water bill.

About the Herb Stop

The Herb Stop’s mission is to provide the most accurate herbal knowledge and the finest herbal products to every person interested in improving their quality of life.

The Herb Stop was founded in 1992 by Leilah, Swiss Pharma-Assistant and Master Herbalist. Starting in a small 300 square foot store in Arizona, the herb store quickly expanded into a larger location to accommodate in-depth Herb Stop Certification Classes and an apprenticeship program. In 2002, Natalie Hajdu, Master Herbalist, joined Leilah, who is currently the President of The Herb Stop.

The modest herb store continued growing with an emphasis placed on providing the public with the highest quality herbal products. Leilah and Natalie created a superior line of over 2500 herbal products. Today, The Herb Stop’s manufacturing and retail location is situated in the mountainous region of Arizona.

The Herb Stop insists that all ingredients must come from reliable and ethical sources. Leilah and Natalie believe that quality and high standards are essential to create life-enhancing herbal products that are unmatched.